Chess Benefits For Kids and Parents

Not only are chess sets fun to play with but chess as a game is really great tool that helps a child’s mind and teaches vital skills for life. To name a few playing chess helps to bring about concentration, imagination and visualization abilities. Theme chess is even better because it makes playing chess more enjoyable for a child because now they can learn the game with themes that interest them for example Sponge Bob, animals or basketball.When kids play a game of chess there is a lot of planning and strategizing involved that causes them to think ahead which is such a great skill to have. This way instead of jumping in to things in their life they will be more likely to think things through and with practice they can make really good decisions very quickly.

Learning how to play chess can increase confidence because the better they get the better they will feel about their abilities. Not only will a child become better at chess but will get better in school as well because they will have better concentration, have more creativity and be better problem solvers.Learning how to play chess will also teach you as as a parent a lot about your child. For example does your child make moves quickly or really thinks them through before making a move. Does your child like his/her pieces to be in even positions across the board or does he/she put them all over the place. Does your child like the board to be open with a lot of freedom and room to maneuver (likes to play with bishops) or does he/she like more confined closed positions (likes to play with knights). Just watch your child play and you will be surprised how much you grow to know about them.What is great is that through chess you can spend some quality time with your child. Play a game of chess learn together. You can spend this time to talk about school and friends and what they have been up to. However I do caution you to not voluntarily let your child win, not all the time anyway, because then your child will learn how to be graceful looser and understand that just because they loose doesn’t mean that they should stop playing. One thing to say here is that if your child gets angry when he/she looses then let him/her now that the only way they will get better is if they keep trying and that maybe one day he/she will win against that person and that will be a true victory. After all even the greatest of chess players lost sometimes.